Howard Stern was just yapping away on his morning show like usual but today’s show had a segment that made our ears perk up. He and his team were chatting a ton about our favorite foursome from Vermont, Phish, currently in the midst of a Summer Tour.

He usually has some cross-promotion to do across the SiriusXM network, so after the launch of Phish Radio as a full-time thing (and JamOn relegated to the internets only), the band is obviously going to get some SiriusXM love and attention.

Per message board and Twitter reports, Howard and team get into “tons” of Phish talk, including hearing some old clips of “Harpua” (which makes Stern immediately laugh) and “You Enjoy Myself”. All told we hear it’s 5+ minutes worth and he manages to get some jabs in against “YEM” lyrics and tries to figure out the Firenze line (I mean, who among us doesn’t start there anyway?).

The funny (?) part, which I can’t wait to hear, is that they also sent someone to the Baker’s Dozen run back in 2017 to interview fans outside, and we’re only now hearing the results of the piece. According to one fan, they chose the most “cringy wooks” to interview to aid in the comedy overall, but I’m sure it’s a bit laughable in ways.

Other people were saying that Jason and Robin, who are Stern show co-horts, were also trying to defend the band and whatnot. Will be interesting to hear the whole thing once it surfaces (which we’ll post below).

Here’s a little snippet:

Here’s more from the show itself:

The band Phish just gained yet another diehard fan – Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan. He came into the studio Tuesday morning and told Howard it was one of his back-office colleagues who encouraged him to attend his first show last November. Since then Jason has attended four Phish concerts.

Of course they had to play to the usual Phish tropes…

Curious what Phish culture was really all about, Howard sent Steve Nowicki to talk to fans at a recent Madison Square Garden show. As expected, the staffer found recreational drugs aplenty, including weed, mushrooms, LSD, and Whip-Its, a.k.a. balloons filled with medical-grade nitrous oxide. While the Whip-It high is apparently a short one, Steve learned it was the drug of choice for many concertgoers holed up in an area called “Nitrous Alley.”

Listen to the audio snippet from the show below…