While there might be few on this blog that know Kraftwerk, I’m hoping on explaining it in a way that would make sense to everyone…

Ever seen The Big Lebowski? You know the group of nihilists chasing after The Dude? They have a “german techno-pop” LP called Autobahn that The Dude finds while flipping through Maude Lebowski’s record collection. That’s Kraftwerk.

Remember those Saturday Night Live skits called Sprockets? Mike Myers did a dead-on impression of those “cheeky”, German techno-pop lovers. The theme song on that skit was Kraftwerk “Electric Cafe”.

Now is the time on LiveMusicBlog.com when we dance!

From DanceFrontDoor

Kraftwerk are one of the most influential bands in pop history. In a career spanning more than 35 years, the German electro pioneers have been endlessly saluted and mimicked by each new generation of innovators. In the late 1970s, the post-punk futurists professed their devotion. In the 1980s and ’90s, the leading lights of Chicago house along with Detroit and Euro techno paid homage. Kraftwerk are possibly the most sampled band on the planet, and their music continues to inspire.

Whatever you want to call it, they’re awesome.