Hootenany with Weezer

Everyone who has ever played a song on the guitar has probably played a Weezer song at some point in their life. With their easy to learn power chords and sing along choruses, there is not much stopping one from the tempting power of captivating the entire room with a break out session of “Say It Ain’t So.” Some bands dislike the “insulting” nature of easy to play songs, but Rivers Cuomo seems to have left every once of ill on Pinkerton, and now only loves people. Except Timbaland apparently. But he loves them so much that for the next couple of tour dates everyone is invited to bring an instrument, tune it correctly (as relayed to the fans by Rivers in the third person) and play the songs with the band.

I was skeptical at first having been to a Weezer show and seen the loyal/delusional fan base (not everyone out there, good people), but as the YouTube videos emerge, it seems to work pretty well. Check the solo in this video as proof to the focused backing band.

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So [Live in Phoenix] (YouTube)

Still, when the song is over, Rivers exclaims, “That take was hot,” or something to that effect, so maybe there is some rehearsal that drains the fans of their sugar rush. Who knows what goes on unless you get on the West Coast and report back to LMB headquarters, which is in cyberspace if you were wondering. The same place where Weezer’s latest video comes from and where you can get directions how to play the songs that will be a part of the Hootenanny.

Weezer – Hootenanny Details (YouTube)

Weezer – Pork and Beans (YouTube)

The band also has some webisodes available on their YouTube channel as well as on their website that range from cute to f***ing surreal. I mean, he actually has Ace Frehley and Peter Criss on his wall/ waiting for there for him/ in my room/ in my room. To a Weezer fan, that’s heavy, man.

“I have a long memory.” – Rivers Cuomo

Hootenanny Tour Dates
6-19 Portland
6-20 San Francisco
6-21 Seattle
6-23 Los Angeles