Hear The Beautiful New Luttrell Remix of Tycho “Epoch”

Tycho recently teased some new music and as of Friday put out a new remix into the world that is a must-hear if you’re a fan of the work Scott Hansen does. More specifically on this one, you may also need to hear it if you dig what the Anjunadeep label does and what Luttrell puts out. Because the two have finally linked up and the result is a beaut.

The remix is “Epoch”, the title track from Tycho’s last major release of the same title. And it is good. Like wow good. Here’s what the main man said about the remix himself when he put it out on streaming platforms:

With Epoch I was trying to incorporate more elements from the world of dance music into the sound so I’m excited to share Luttrell’s remix which takes things a step further into that space. It’s all the more fitting as Luttrell hails from Anjunadeep, a label whose sound inspired me a lot while I was working on Epoch.

As for Lattrell, he’ll be putting out a full length this year so yo’ll be hearing more from him as well. The release will be called Into Clouds and it’s available for pre-order now before it’s out on February 1st, 2019.

You can hear the track below via Spotify or SoundCloud.