Hear Carl Broemel (of My Morning Jacket) Turn Beck’s “The Golden Age” Into His Own Masterpiece

One of my favorite albums of all time, one of the first I actually bought on vinyl, is Beck‘s Sea Change. It’s such a complete piece of music that will bring you into a chilled out mood quickly, and the song “The Golden Age” is such a beautiful opener to set the mood for the rest of the album.

So you best believe my eyes perked up when I saw that Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket recently re-did the track for an upcoming compilation called Open Road that’s due out on August 4th on Amazon Music. With his long guitar sound and crooning voice the track doesn’t sound all that unfamiliar of course, he keeps the very spirit in tact.

But when the track lifts, it seems to rise even higher into that territory that My Morning Jacket can only achieve. It sorta shows me how much he contributes to the Jacket vibe overall, as we all know Jim James gets a bevy of attention and it’s all well-deserved. Still, give the track a listen below and tell me those rises as the track goes into the “Hold on….” line…

Wow this is good. According to Consequence of Sound this is the personnel he recruited for the track: Russ Pollard from Everest on drums, Tom Blankenship from My Morning Jacket on bass, Adam Landry producer for Deer Tick on guitar, Robbie Crowell from Deer Tick on keys, and Caitlin Rose on vocals. Teddy Morgan engineered and Bill Reynolds mixed.