HEADY LINKS: Umphrey’s McGee Download, Sigur Rós @ Bestival, Luscious Jackson is back & more…

Because they love their fans so much (heh), Umphrey’s McGee put up their Super Bowl Village set as a free download on their blog. I’m downloading this right away; I haven’t dove into any live UM in a while.

It looks like Sigur Rós will be returning to the stage with a new album and set sometime this year. They’ve already been added to the Bestival Music Festival in the UK.

Rolling Stone has the exclusive on the return to from a band I’ve always loved a ton: Luscious Jackson. They recently started tweeting that they were putting together new music and RS has the new track called, “Are You Ready?” In the interview they mention that they will indeed return to do some shows at some point, but not until they finish a full album worth of material and rehearse some of their old stuff.

Bjork’s show in NYC tonight has been cancelled. Doh.

Check out all this amazing music that’s been on TV lately: Bon Iver’s performance of “Perth” with the Roots never made to air and just hit the Jimmy Fallon blog, Dr. Dog was on Conan, and Of Montreal played Fallon also.

Finally, Phish.net gives us a history of Trey Anastasio’s forays into orchestral music with Trey’s tour kicking off tonight in Atlanta.