There’s been a ton of other music news this week besides all of those awesome updates from Phish yesterday, so I figured I’d round up a bit of it in one post here to get you some stuff to catch up on.

First and foremost, make sure you do check out all of those previews from the Coral Sky DVD that the band has planned. The official media page is now sporting the “Run Like An Antelope” video so we’ve added that to our Sights & Sounds post, so crank up the volume, throw on full-screen and put in your pre-orders for the DVD.

Hey, speaking of pre-orders, I didn’t catch this until a little birdy pinged me and found it in the fine-print: The pre-orders for Mike Gordon’s new album Moss will put you in the running to receive a bass lesson with none other than Mr. Cactus himself. You will learn the secret of the patented Cactus Bombs that found their way into each show night after night on the recent Phish summer tour. You, too, can learn how to do this. Wouldn’t that be sick?

The Daily Swarm is reporting that Daft Punk is planning a huge tour for 2011/2012. Seeing them at Lollapalooza 2007 is still a stand-out live music moment for me; seeing the entirety of Grant Park erupt into a dance party was not a sight I’ll soon forget. [via CoS]

M.I.A. has announced a bunch of tour dates for October taking her through Philly, Boston, Chicago, and right here at the Fox Theater in Oakland. I’m not sure I’d be impressed with her live show these days, but the video for “Born Free” still has my ginger-ass on notice. I won’t want to venture too close to such a ginger-hating concert experience.

I’m still looking for some good videos from Panda Bear’s show at the Fox on Monday night. This video of “Comfy in Nautica” has me wanting more. Expect lots of Panda Bear on the site this week….he’s on tour.

Hidden Track has a review from moe.down. On my reading list…

Finally, more news dropped today from the promoters at Moogfest. They’re planning to honor DEVO with the Moog Innovation Award. Dare to be stupid, indeed…

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