Heady Links: Google Music, Phish Lights, Couch Tour @ All Good, and more…

Signs are still pointing to the eventual rollout of something likely called Google Music which TechCrunch originally reported on earlier this month. The Wall Street Journal has a story today detailing what they know. [via Hidden Track]

Chris Kuroda, Phish’s famous lighting man (and fifth member, duh), is now spelling the band’s name in lights during the shows. This guy knows how to please a crowd, that’s for sure. Here’s another shot via Phish.net.

The fine folks over at iClips.net just announced that they’ll be broadcasting live from All Good Music Festival this year. We haven’t written much about that fest yet but we’re excited to see what comes out of it, and it looks like we’ll be watching it on Couch Tour.

Random musical discovery of the day: Father Figures. These guys are heading out on tour soon and reside in Brooklyn’s zombie jazz scene. Give ’em a listen.

Matt and Kim recently announced a headlining tour beginning in the middle of September.

I went and saw Jamie Lidell with Alex B opening at the Independent last Friday night. While it was a good show in spirit, I really didn’t come away too mindblown from the Lidell set except when he launched into his old material. There’s something special to me about one guy on stage in front of a mixer and pedals and just freestyling into some freak, jungle vocal madness. The Owl Mag went and reviewed the show and came away a bit more impressed than I was.