Heady Links: Animal Collective, Pavement, Umphrey’s McGee and more

Animal Collective @ Fox Theater, Oakland 5/26/09

Animal Collective just announced some tour dates in Australia.

Pavement is reuniting to many tweets of enjoyment.

Umphrey’s McGee is playing in Las Vegas tonight and the weekly sits down with Brendan to talk about the band.

Forward Music Fest returns to Madison this weekend.

Yo La Tengo is getting the NPR webcast treatment tomorrow night when they play the 9:30 Club in D.C.

The Denver Post went to Monolith this past weekend and just put up a mega gallery. Stereogum also has a set of photos posted. Our buddy Chad went and got some great photos, as well.

Finally, if you’re not reading the best new blog out there these days, Fuck You, Phish, you’re seriously missing out on the best commentary on the band that I’ve read in a long time. I need to step up my game. Here are some recent snippets:

My asshat co-worker is back from Red Rocks and I only have one question: why the f*** couldn’t you jerk-off chewies just keep him? Let him into your Herpeville. My life would be so much less douchy. He would eat a dog.

The first thing he said to me sounded something like, “Dude-brah totally sparkle unicorn twist trey cock groove spun tweedle-dee-dee.”

Then he followed that up with, “Baq it tag it brah stellar epic set closer mist sunshine beard dose hook it up put it in her butt.”

I doused him with soap and walked away. (via)


Phish has molested the following albums:

The Beatles: The White Album
The Who: Quadrophenia
Talking Heads: Remain in Light
Velvet Underground: Loaded

Special mention: Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

I’d like to take a moment and discuss this last installment of DSoTM, in which Phish basically said to their fans, “Fuck you”. As I understand it, the DSoTM show happened in Utah, a state in which nobody actually lives. There was nobody at the show, so Phish busted out the Pink Floyd classic. Since I love Pink Floyd, I won’t make any mention of the drummers herpe-infested rendition of Great Gig in the Sky, but I have to say, thank you Phish for doing one single thing that was cool, and giving your phans the butt-reaming they deserve. (via)

Good times. Have a good Hump Day, dudes.