Heady Links

Someone died aboard the Xingolati cruise this past weekend. The passenger’s name is being held for privacy concerns, but it appears to have been a drug overdose.

A passenger aboard the traveling festival Xingolati is believed to have died onboard, apparently of a drug overdose. A spokesperson for the cruise declined to comment, telling Relix “No comment, to protect privacy and because there’s an ongoing investigation.” There is no word yet on the identity of the deceased passenger.

The investigation into what happened aboard the ship delayed passenger disembarkation for five hours on Monday morning. [Relix 10/18/05]

Sirius will be broadcasting The White Stripes and O.A.R. over Halloween weekend. I don’t have it anymore so I wonder if there’ll be a free stream somewhere on the web. Also, The White Stripes frontman is joining up with Brendan Benson to start the Raconteurs. That should be very interesting to see…

Download some live Clap Your Hands Say Yeah mp3’s over at You Ain’t No Picasso. [via brooklynvegan]

Check out the This Bird Has Flown tribute album roundup at INDIEBLOGHEAVEN, and listen to the clips of the album here.