Screengrab from Wilco "Ashes of American Flags"

Here’s some links to help you get through your work day:

  • Watch “Side With the Seeds” from the new Wilco live DVD, Ashes of American Flags. []
  • Jack White and his new band, The Dead Weather, are getting out and playing their first show next week in NYC. I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff he’s got on drums. [PRODUCT SHOP NYC]
  • Dr. Dog does “The Old Days” on a hacked together stage setup at Laundromatinee. Very cool. [YouTube]
  • Metallica went all double-bass on everyone’s ass at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “Master of Puppets” killed it. [YouTube]
  • Green Day played a last-minute show here in San Francisco on Tuesday night, and Stereogum got a clip from the show even with Billy Joe telling everyone to put their cell phones away. LULZ. [Stereogum]

Finally, I thought I’d round up a selection of Phish-related links separately considering that there’s going to be a huge focus on this band in the coming months. We’ll probably have tons more to share, especially when we start heading out on the road ourselves.

  • Cactus confirms that Phish is recording a new album via Twitter. I love the future. [Twitter / Mike Gordon]
  • Check out this collection of desktop wallpapers from the Phish Hampton run. [Jamtopia]
  • An investigation into the sausage-fest that are Phish concerts… [Jamtopia]
  • PhishTwit: Follow Phish on Twitter [Jamtopia]
  • An interview with Phish lighting director, Chris Kuroda [YouTube]