Heady Links

There’s tons of killer live music happening around San Francisco this week, including the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. I’m not sure I’ll be going even though I originally thought that there was no way I would miss it, so I’m still a bit conflicted on it to be honest. I’m sure I could get tickets last minute if I needed to, so it’s just more about how much energy I’ve got and whether or not I can get into Fleet Foxes tomorrow night at the Independent. Why the hell did I not get tickets to that sooner?

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Leave some comments on what you’re planning on doing this weekend. Here are some other links to keep your mind busy in the meantime.

Finally, I’d be silly not to link to the new Phish-themed blog launched by Scotty B. over at Hidden Track. It’s cleverly titled You Enjoy MyBlog, and it features daily posts on all things Phish and Phish media on the internets. Sweet!