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Apollo Sunshine @ 12 Galaxies, SF 6/26/08One of the first shows I caught when I got to San Francisco was the Apollo Sunshine / Big Light show that I opted to see instead of Fleet Foxes, which I’m still torn on whether or not that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life considering that Fleet Foxes are like, huge now. But the Apollo Sunshine show was seriously tight; the new stuff this band was kicking out just had me so mesmerized and awestruck that I’ve long waited for their new album to get released so I can get a taste of the songs again. Their Archive page hasn’t gotten much love in a while and this new album was going to be my ticket to “music stuck in my head” salvation, that feeling you get where you can finally re-listen to something that has been haunting your brain for days or weeks prior. Today my musical prayers were kindly answered.

JamBase just did a post updating everyone that they had a embedded copy of Apollo’s new album, Shall Noise Upon, and after two listens through I’m convinced this is the best new album that I’ve listened to all day. I know that’s not saying much, but still. Read on to give it a listen yourself, and let’s see what else is going on…

Apollo Sunshine – Shall Noise Upon [imeem]

I’m already beginning listen number three as I type this post. Man that’s good.

  • Ben Kweller just announced a huge tour beginning soon. I’ll be catching the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass set he’ll be doing here in San Fran.
  • Xavier Rudd is going out on tour soon and just recently scored a movie for Matthew McConaughey. Really?

    A lifelong surfer, Rudd has many fans in the community, so it made perfect sense that fellow surf aficionado Matthew McConaughey tapped Rudd to score his upcoming comedy Surfer, Dude. “When I was first turned on to Xavier’s music, I didn’t say “who is that,” I said “what is that” and I was instantly addicted to the sound and message,” says McConaughey. “He’s one of the most original artists in music today and the score he lays down, like our film, will be anything but typical.”

    Okay then.

  • Bassnectar is going out on tour soon but I always tend to skip this sort of thing. However, the thought of a “jam” DJ, if it’s at all fair to call it that, sounds kind of cool to me and this may be something I start spending some time with.
  • Going.com is having a promotion called “Summer of Love” where they give away a bunch of tickets from a bunch of different music festivals, so if you’re broke that may be a good move for you.
  • SXSW just updated their website to start including info for 2009. Holy Jebus this is coming up fast. Start booking your hotel rooms, folks.

That’s a bunch of stuff that hit our inbox recently, and there’s definitely still a lot to process from Lollapalooza and Newpork Folk that we haven’t even touched on yet. Plus, All Points West is coming up this weekend. We’ll have our preview on the festival posted tomorrow, so stop back by and drop some comments if you plan on going.