Heady Links

Kraftwerk - "Computer World" from Chicago, 2005

There’s been a decent amount of news and interesting links rounding out the blogs over the past few days — not to mention a slew of music festival schedule announcements — so I thought I’d round it up a bit with a hump day version of Heady Links. In fact, I think there’s so much going on that we don’t tend to cover that we may just start throwing that together into a daily post here on the site. I tend to have an erratic schedule at work and I try not to let the blog duties get in the way of that, so if the first few roundups suck then you can blame my lack of sleep, most likely the only way I’ll be sure to have the time for this every day.

Get down with yo’ bad self:

On an unrelated note, last week’s Lost finale was clearly epic, and now we have many, many months to wait until the series comes back. Someone forwarded me a fantastic link to the McSweeny’s take on the pilot episode script that was never used, which will effectively spoil all four seasons of the show thus far if you’ve never watched a second of it. For fans like me, though, it was a solid LOL.