I like links. Links are good.

To aspiring musicians, Busta Rhymes says “Patience is the best weapon.”

Eric Clapton’s US tour (with Derek Trucks) will be starting 9/16 in St. Paul, MN. He’s doing one wild Euro tour before the states, including a 7-night (!!!) run at London’s Royal Albert Hall and a night in Moscow’s Red Square — very cool.

Taylor Hicks won American Idol. I didn’t watch one second of this season. Congrats to Taylor, though — he’ll forever be in my mom and grandma’s heart. :)

News flash: there were drug arrests at Summer Camp this weekend. That, and some dude had the night terrors on Sunday night. Man he was freaked out…

Announcing: the Old School House Party in Austin, TX on 6/17, featuring the C-staff of old school hip-hop (Kurtis Blow, Wonder Mike and Master Gee of the Sugar Hill Gang, DJ Spinderella of Salt & Peppa, DJ Wiz of Kid & Play and from the Bad Boyz of Comedy comedian/ impressionist Reggie Reg). Picture the Pajama Jammy Jam scene in House Party 2

Headline of the week: Secret Machines Are Tired Of Talking About Their Impressive Friends