This has been a good week for the Blog–I hope it was good for you, too. [lights cigarette, inhales, exhales (looking exhausted)…]

Welcome to all the new readers and thanks to my reader friends that continue to show support for the site. I appreciate the nice words and I couldn’t do it without you…

My New Year’s Eve Downloads and Torrents page has been updated and from their opening slots on ’ show at MSG.

JamBase goes mobile. Awesome. I was planning on building a mobile version of the Blog, but I’m just really not sure that it’s necessary for me yet…better early than late, though.

The Independent (UK) profiles the difference between Dave Matthews Band-US and Dave Matthews Band-UK.

Download the entire We Are Scientists discography before their latest release, With Love and Squalor. (via vegan). Also, they’re the top artist on right now. Wow. They beat Morningwood, I guess…

Also on , go see Björkestra tonight at the Bowery. I’d love to see this except for the fact that I in …anyone going?

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