Heady Links

While not at all music related, this is awesome looking. Check out the cameratoss page on Flickr. Good stuff.

Death Cab for Cutie does not hang out backstage and drink champagne with Mary J. Blige. [INDIEBLOGHEAVEN]

Mike Gordon sat in with Grace Potter and The Nocturnals on Friday night in Burlington. This is the best part (my emphasis added). [Burlington Free Press]

The encore highlighted the Nocturnals’ newfound sense of arena-rock playfulness and explained why three “This is Spinal Tap” action figures sat behind Potter’s keyboards during the show. Each member came out for the last song in a hair-band wig and Spandex, grabbed instruments not necessarily their own and launched into a comical version of Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom,” sung by a surprisingly bellicose Potter. They were joined by a mystery bassist — a blond-coiffed Mike Gordon, late of Phish and wearing a bright-yellow “I Love the ’80s” T-shirt.

Derek and the Dominoes might be getting together for a reunion next year. Scotty B. points me towards this little rumor and I have to wonder if we can really trust anything on the message boards as valid. Regardless, I’m not a huge fan but I thought that you guys might be interested in it.