I’m going to try and get some stuff posted and then hopefully go back to bed–I’m sicker than a mofo right .

I’ve updated my New Year’s Eve Downloads and Torrents post Quagmire Swim Team’s show in Harrisburg, PA. Enjoy.

There will be no Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta this year. Ouch. This is a serious blow for in that good ol’ .

Speaking of , I was flipping channels last night and happened upon the Vibe Awards; was performing in a full leather Confederate outfit. Katie says, “he’s ownin’ it. That’s what we call that…” Whatever we call it, it looked ridiculous and I just couldn’t help but think “how much did that damn outfit (that he’ll only wear once) cost?” I’m sure I had better things to think about, but you know how flippin’ channels can be…

Download Jack Johnson’s set from Bonnaroo 2005 here. A lot of people were asking around about this…

In non- linkage, check out Jack Black’s Top 10 skit for The Late Show (realplayer required). #1 is easily my favorite, but they’re all pretty good if you ask me. (via Here comes the flood)

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