biscoRADIO already has both Wednesday and Thursday night’s sets available for . Be forewarned, the server was full for a while before I got on, and I probably won’t leave this spot for a while. I want to hear that new take on B. serves up all your needs in North Texas. (via GvB)

Associated Press profiles the Benevento-Russo Duo. You should read this, and listen to this band a lot, and then like a lot and go see them . However, if you didn’t get for their NYE show, you’re too late unless you ask this guy

Here’s a listing of the stations that plan on airing Phish’s New Year’s Eve Special, complete tracks from their new CD, 1995: Live At MSG, not to mention “conversations” Fishman and Gordo themselves. If you live in Haines, AK, I’m willing to bet that this is one of the only things to do up there. Plus, there shouldn’t be any daylight up there right

That guerrilla Strokes show I mentioned ? Yeah, it’s already sold out

have been added to 2006 (from their own announcement list, mind you). Glide has the news from liveDaily. (thanks Sillynis)

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