Happy Monday! I’ve got to work until Wednesday this week, and I imagine I’ll be a busy little bee in the meantime. Anyone see any good shows this weekend? Anyone go to the X-Mas Jam?

In case you missed it, MTV (Viacom) announced that they were partnering up with Microsoft to put out a music subscription service called Urge. At first, I completely ignored this because I’m confident that there’s no way any current subscription model could attract music fans. I mean, real music fans. Glorious Noise wrote something up on the subject and it spoke to me…

Head on over to Trey Anastasio’s On the Road page for Saturday night’s SerialPod setlist. SerialPod (Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Bill Kreutzmann) debuted at Warren Haynes’ Annual Christmas Jam, and I’m sure it was an interesting night of music in Asheville, NC. I’m downloading the torrent right now.

MTV.com covers the My Morning Jacket CD-burning story. I still can’t believe that the artists don’t have any control over this. I mean, I can believe it–I just don’t want to. [via]