Happy Monday! I’ve got to work until Wednesday this week, and I imagine I’ll be a busy little bee in the meantime. Anyone see any good shows this weekend? Anyone go to the -Mas Jam?

In case you missed it, (Viacom) announced that they were partnering up Microsoft to put out a subscription service called Urge. At first, I completely ignored this because I’m confident that there’s no way any current subscription model could attract . I mean, real . Glorious Noise wrote something up on the subject and it spoke to me…

Head on over to Trey Anastasio’s On the Road page for Saturday night’s . (Anastasio, , ) debuted at ’ Annual , and I’m sure it was an interesting night of music in Asheville, NC. I’m downloading the torrent right now.

MTV.com covers the My Morning Jacket CD-burning story. I still can’t believe that the artists don’t have any control over this. I mean, I can believe it–I just don’t want to. [via]

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