I’m not working today as I’m battening down the hatches as Chicago prepares for another snowstorm. Dude, it’s December and we’ve already experienced one of the coldest winters to-date. Now we’re setting records for snowfall in December, not to mention that it was over 90 degrees like fifty days this summer–Chicago weather sucks. Period.

View the trailer for the upcoming half-assed season of Chappelle’s Show. I’m sorry, but this looks beyond hilarious. I like how they used the wizard to give the Dave the real meaning behind show business, his career, etc. I think it’s pretty fitting considering the phrase…(via The Couch Sessions)

Indie-buzz band The Decemberists have signed to Capitol, and I agree wholeheartedly with Chromewave’s remarks on what this will do for their fanbase.

Does anyone feel like giving me their login to dimeadozen torrents? This friggin’ site has been tempting me with great downloads every since I discovered Largehearted Boy, and unfortunately, they have too many people signed up already. It’s been like this for weeks, though.

Pearl Jam in a rumored headliner at Coachella. Along with Depeche Mode? Ugh–not necessarily something I’d go crazy for. Pearl Jam is okay and all and I used to be a decent fan of their music and model, but they’ve completely dropped off my radar.

MTV.com rounds-up the New Year’s Eve performances from across the country, and I have to say it’s very jam-centric. Not that it wouldn’t be expected, but it’s just good to see MTV taking notice of some good music.

Tune into Austin City Limits this Saturday for an entire hour of Coldplay, and cross your fingers that they don’t play Talk. For some reason, it really drove me nuts that they decided to rip off Kraftwerk on their new album and write a new tune over an old tune. I mean, this isn’t sampling. This is rewriting a classic. For comparison’s sake, I’ll host the mp3’s of the original and Coldplay’s version, and you be the judge.

  • Kraftwerk – Computer Love [mp3]
  • Coldplay – Talk[mp3]