Heady Links

Well, following yesterday’s announcement that the Secret Machines have not signed on to play NYE with the Black Crowes, I’m feeling slightly sheepish. I guess every site is only as good as the information they receive, so that’s the risk of posting news that appears credible–sometimes it turns out premature or wrong.

Check out this gallery of Spoon and OK Go from Columbus, OH. [donewaiting.com]

Jesse Jarnow has a good roundup at his site of the all the recent stuff he’s published. Check it out here, and don’t miss his first two guest posts here either.

Keller Williams will release Grass on January 2. Info from Jambands.com…
A collaboration with the husband and wife duo of Larry and Jenny Keel, Grass will feature a 10-song mix of originals and “unexpected covers.” Over the past year, Williams has collaborated wit the Keels on numerous occasions and the trio promise an “organic and airy acoustic” recoding. Grass will be available January 2 exclusively at the one-man band’s concerts and through his official homepage.

In other Keller Williams news, Mike Gordon sat in with him the other night at Higher Ground. I’m looking for the download right now…