Bob Weir gave a radio interview the other day that David Gans transcribed (albeit roughly in his own words), and it has some serious talking points that I’m sure are going to outrage the community yet again. Read more here.

Andy Gadiel was at the Trey show on Friday night in (Cuptossgate) and pretty much sums up what a lot of us were thinking when we heard about it. Well, it sums up what I was thinking.

Tea Leaf Green will be starting their own very soon. And, honestly, if you’re in a band and you’re not using podcasting as an extremely efficient way to push out fresh to your , you’re actually missing out on a serious (not to mention easy) opportunity to reach new . I mean, that’s podcasting. Use it.

The new Strokes album, First Impressions of Earth, is due January 3, 2006. You can download it here. [via]

Kevin Shapiro has updated the phisharchives MySpace page.

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