Andy Gadiel is looking to stop the use of the word “jamband” to describe all jambands.
Go on to read his full logic and understanding of the underlying issues. It’s a good read, and we’re down to try and help…

Relix interviews Frank Black (The Pixies).
The more-indie friendly content is going to start coming in full force. More details on that one, soon.

Electron, Marc Brownstein’s Bisco side project, is finally releasing their first disc.
Fans at their August 12 show will have the first crack at it…

The Indy Star interviews Trey Anastasio.
There are some great snippets of info in there, too…

DL: Does the record have a name?
TA: At this point, it’s called “Invisible.”
TA: I feel like I’m going to have the energy to continue to make music that hopefully will inspire people and make them feel good and make them dance. I love that, and that’s also what was hard about this year — the anger and backlash from people who felt like the rug was being pulled out from under them. Deep in my heart, I knew that wasn’t what was happening at all. Music is organic, and it grows.

The Boston Herald reviews Trey’s Thursday night show.
I think there might be some good discussion coming up on how good (or s***ty) Trey’s new band is. I’ll let you know how I feel this Thursday…