Happy Black Friday everyone. Hope you’re all big and surly after ’s eat fest.

Pat Morita, R.I.P.

Over at Lifehacker, they have the story on an unbelievably cool little using del.icio.us that will come in handy very soon. More to come on that…

REMINDER: for Mike & The ’s New Year’s Eve show go on sale to the general public on Friday at 5PM EST – that gives you just enough time to digest your meal from the night before. for all remaining shows on the 5-date run will go on sale to the public beginning Saturday, November 26th at 10 EST. [Phish.com]

More on the Sony BMG recall at Coolfer. This is just crazy. Sony’s seriously fuggin’ up.

is ready to go for next year. [JamBase]
“Our intention is to do it April 28 – May 7 at the fairgrounds,”

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