Heady Links

I wanted to make sure I got a little something more up than just a picture of George Bush. Hell, that just isn’t enough to really go on. You need your Live Music Blog fix, so in honor of that, I’m going to give you a bunch of links to other places. I’ll be back tomorrow. Again, Happy Turkey Day!

Read here for the offical note regarding the pulled Grateful Dead audience recordings from around the internet. I didn’t have this yesterday, but it was because I couldn’t actually find it. The boards look spammed with really, really, really upset deadheads. A very interesting move, indeed…

Glide Magazine reviews Wilco’s Kicking Television. Read it here.

Kevin Shapiro, Mr. Phish Archivist himself, has added the MIke’s Song from 11/22/97 to his MySpace page. Check it. [link]

Ben Folds is releasing a live DVD due out December 6. [Pitchfork]

Also on Pitchfork, there is a Death Cab for Cutie review from their October show in Raleigh, NC, and there is a nice interview with Broken Social Scene. Check it.