Sorry for the slowdown over the past day or so–I’ve been busier than expected with real-life and I haven’t had too much of a chance to get posting. I still have some stuff in the hopper for this weekend, so that’s good. Stay up with us through Turkey Day weekend.

Grateful Dead removed download access on the music on the Archive, and you have to see how people are taking it on the IA forum. Ouch is right, zzyzx. I can’t really understand why this would happen considering the amount of work that goes into moving those files there. It’s unfortunate to see bands disallowing the download access to the audience tapes.

Download Bob Dylan doing The Clash’s London Calling. Uhm, what? Nice choice of a cover, though…

Note to self–Add this to my Netflix queue. I haven’t listened to enough of The Who to really understand what their music was all about, but I’ve always loved every story that follows this band, including Pete Townsend’s recent kiddy-porn mishap.

Jesse Jarnow on Shine: Phish’s world seemed pretty bizarre when they started, too, though, so maybe Shine will find a new group of kids out in the sprawl (though probably not the same type of nerds that Phish appealed to) and the whole shebang’ll make perfect sense in 20 years when Anastasio dissolves the 70 Volt Parade following a disastrous summer festival.
I was actually laughing out loud reading part of this, good stuff. I love this s***. I want to be Jesse’s best friend.

Download Scabdates from The Mars Volta. This album is friggin’ weird. [via KINGBLIND]

Vote for PLUG’s 2005 Independent Music Awards. [via Largehearted Boy]

More to follow later, but hope everyone’s having a good week. Anyone seeing any shows this weekend?