Heady Links

Watch Del Rey’s entire set from August 15 at the Silverlake Lounge, Silverlake, CA. Halfway through, the drummer starts tossing his right drum stick after each beat. It’s pretty impressive. And, by the way, I love the way this band sounds. This is something close to what my dream band would be, maybe a little less heavy in some parts, but these guys rock. I saw them in college playing a house party from inside the kitchen. That was a fun night…

From the Brothers Past mailing list, you can download a choice live segment from their Knitting Factory show Wednesday night. It’s really, really good. I highly suggest it.

I know we’re all a little Treyed-out this week, but he just keeps flying into my dreams inbox. You can download the Trey “Midwest Soup” sampler (sans Low) in mp3 format from Nugs.net.

The new “issue” of ebong.org is out. Check it.

Download Phish’s October 4, 1999 show at Redbird Arena in Normal, IL. My first Phish show. I totally had a Poli-Sci test the next day. I got a B- if I remember correctly.

Sony recalled their copy-protected CDs and they’re going to be so screwed. A settlement in a class-action lawsuit is just about inevitable at this point. They determined the quicker they backed out the less settlement payout later. [via Hctf, Stereogum]