It’s a s*** of a rainy day in right , so it’ll be a perfect day for me to catch up on my site redesign in the background. Ya’ll betta be ready! Anyone see any good shows last night?

I’ve updated the Vegoose Downloads and Torrents page Sleater Kinney’s set from October 30.

Earvolution reviews ’s Broken Social Scene. [link]

Watch a very recent SNL skit of the Black Eyed Peas and their abundance of shameless promotional efforts. I know has tanked in the past few years but I’m still a fan at . They go through phases and right , they’re in a bad phase.

Download doing I’ve Got a Feeling the boys from (via Gadiel). People moved quickly to get this show up for download, and I can only hope that they were going to join him again for the Dekalb show last night.

Download Dave Matthews and Friends doing Rocky Mountain Way from Vegoose. (thanks Scotty B.)

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