Well, it’s Friday in Chicago and I’m damn psyched. I have nothing to do this weekend. I will be working on the site and hopefully getting it damn close and damn ready for a full transition pretty soon. I hope the new site will be a little more stream-lined than this bloaty mess that I currently call Live Music Blog. Just you wait…

Josh and Milky from Tea Leaf Green sat in with Trey last night for I’ve Got a Feeling. Good stuff. While totally predictable, I figured it was worthy of a mention (thanks Chilly).

Jam in the ‘Dam released their full concert schedule. I really can’t wait for this–the trip over there is going to change my life. Okay, well maybe not. Maybe so, though. Who’s GOING!?!?

Beastie Boys are going to be releasing a concert video featuring footage shot by the fans and the fans alone. I wasn’t aware of this, but at a sold-out 2004 show at Madison Square Garden, the B-Boys gave out 50 cameras and had the audience shoot footage of the concert. I think this is a pretty cool idea. Kudos to the Beastie Boys for trying to bring some innovation to the standard live-concert DVD format. [liveDaily]

JamBase has updated their Vegoose photo page and they’re working on their review. In the meantime, Andy Gadiel put together a JamBase / Yahoo! Maps mashup similar to the Google Maps mashup done a while back.

That’s all I got right now. Should I go see Digable Planets tonight at Park West? I’m thinking about it, but I imagine I’ll just come home, have three beers, and fall asleep. That still sounds fun, though. Anyone have any great plans for this weekend, or is everyone still Vegoose-hungover?