Muzzle of Bees has a great shot of the lead singer of The Shins during their Vegoose set.

Uhm, there’s like a buttload of Vegoose stuff floating around right now, and I’ll try and get some of the real hightlights up. So far, I’ve read a lot of “wow, Vegoose. I’m tired…” and writing of the like. It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m generally very excited to see that the festival went largely as planned. I’ll go next year?

Download and listen to Phish’s 11/2/98 show. Now.

As something I’ve been meaning to start covering a little closer, the local Chicago music scene is about to receive a serious boost. The revenue that the City brought in this year was enough to make them consider what they might want to bring in next year, and you know what they say about revenue? Give me that f*cking revenue, bitch! [via]