The Bort, one of the only message boards I still frequent, has been down for the past few days. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but hopefully Umphreaks can restore this vital outlet. redesigns very nicely. Truly inspirational, but not really. is a very cool site dedicated to sharing Phish photos taken by all of us amateurs. They even have a “Top 5” featuring the best of the community-uploaded photos. Check it out and give the webmaster his deserved praise.

Another day, another Trey interview–he must spend his days nursing his hangover and yapping on the phone with press. This one has sort-of depressing news for me, because he makes specific mention of how he’s turned down side projects lately to focus specifically on 70 Volt Parade. What the hell ever happened to that Oysterhead reuinion that I was wishing on?