Only weeks after this year’s insanely successful iteration Hard Summer, our friends at shake the electronic world once more by dropping one of the most massive lineups to date. Boasting some of the largest names in as well as the up-and-coming sweethearts, 2014 returns to over weekend and is a comprehensive “Who’s Who” of the electronic industry.

Day One is the stuff of legend.

will grace the LA area with his majestic, soulful live performance. Completely original and inspired, this show represents the culmination of everything Derek Smith has been building. Watching PL grow from playing $5 shows in tiny half-sold theatres in , CO, this is musical vision that has been driving the adventure the whole time. It’s absolutely not to be missed. #WeAreNotWorthy

will finally bring their new album Abandon Ship to life (with fire cannons galore, no doubt). We’re loving the sound of their new single:

As a brilliant friend said after hearing it, “new sounds like old and that is OKAY”.

Good ol’ boy will be in the house to rev us into high-gear —something that has seemingly become a staple at every party of worth. But no complaints here—we obviously never scoff at the chance to get a closer look at Bae. Also–giants and sharing the stage? VERY. RARE.

Just as noteworthy are the smaller print names on Day One: chilled-out vibe kings and Odesza as well as a solid dose of hip-hop from (or nah). We’ll be delving more into these artists in the upcoming weeks and make sure that you’re all properly acquainted with the insane talent packed into the weekend. *NOT TO MENTION* there is still a name being hidden from the line-up…our imaginations are running wild.


Headliners never been so real. and then and the ?!? Three of the most respected names in the , each with their own individual sound and style – it’s going to be one of the most epic nights in history (one of the most epic in LIVE music blog history as well — calling it now!).

Reading the smaller print on Day Two almost made me laugh out loud. HUGE names like , , (!!) and are enough to warrant a festival of their own, but here they are “only” support! Pinch me. We’re also excited to see some of the most promising artists on the rise on this list: (French export du jour), (will forgive that song just this once) and (you should be listening to them everyday just for your health).

Also interesting -— Day of the Dead will be held at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. This is a new venue for HARD Events. It’s a bit closer than the Whittier location of Hard Summer. It’s also home to the LA County Fair – so we know that it can/has accommodated large numbers of people moving around on foot. We’re pretty excited to see what this new place is all about…but we sort of also just want to go back to LA State Historic Park in DTLA and call it a day.

Excited would be an understatement. We’re trying to figure out how were going to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS before Day of the Dead. Tickets go on sale morning at 10am PST. We don’t need to tell you guys that these are going to sell like $1 dollar waters at a warehouse party. If you and your clique are serious about it, be ready to buy right at 10 am.


hard day of the dead 2014 lineup

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