Happy Independence Day from Blog!

I thought I’d drop a quick post to commemorate the holiday while Justin’s off gallivanting at the High Sierra Music Festival. I got a brief text from him saying he’s not getting great mobile service and trying to conserve cell , so I think we’ll just wait until the weekend’s out to get his thoughts on .

Meanwhile, I catching a few solid sets from the Rothbury Festival courtesy of ’s webcast, which marks a solid start to their summer series, dubbed “The Couch Tour.”

Of course, we couldn’t let the 4th of July go by without giving a nod to ’s hot and sweaty show at the Lakewood Amphitheater 10 years ago today. What better way to commemorate the 4th of July than a super slow and psychedelic version of “” that morphs perfectly into a triumphant “Slave to the Traffic Light.” Check it out:

– “” (, 7/4/99) []
Phish – “Slave to the Traffic Light” (live, 7-4-99) []

By the looks of the setlist and from what I’ve heard, this show featured some serious jamming and a ton of silly banter and antics in fine Phish fashion.

But as much as I love this “Ghost > Slave” sequence, I still think my favorite Independence Day Phish show took place the following year in Camden. That show already got its own post last year, so you can check out here: Phish Friday | The 4th of Jiboo.

However you celebrate the 4th of July holiday, be safe, have fun, and be sure not to mix too much booze all those fireworks!

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