Hangout Music Festival: Update on the Oil Spill

The Hangout Music & Arts Festival is still set to go on as scheduled for May 14-16, even though the entire Gulf Coast is under a pretty severe threat due to the oil spill disaster currently in the hearts and minds of most of the nation.

The Hangout Beach, Music & Arts Festival is moving forward as planned for a great weekend of music and white sandy beaches. Like everyone along the Gulf Coast, the festival and its producers are closely monitoring the clean-up of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We are relying on updates from the official response team made up of the US Coast Guard, Homeland Security, NOAA, Department of the Interior, BP and Transocean for our information. If there is any change to the situation, we will offer updates immediately via and on our facebook and twitter pages.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear of any news first, but those planning to attend should make sure to stay tuned to the official source. Let’s hope it goes off without a hitch.