Hangout Music Festival: Schedule, Late Nights, Oil Spill, Couch Tour

The Hangout Beach Music Festival is quickly approaching and we have some updates on the festival if you’re attending or if you’re like us and watching from home.

First, you may have caught the news that The Flaming Lips have had to cancel a bunch of shows due to the hospitalization of multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd. The band won’t be at the festival anymore, but The Roots will be filling in in their stead.

Second, get your planning done ahead of time now that the schedule has been posted. Head over to the festival homepage to play with the time tables and figure out what you want to hit.

Finally, the oil spill is obviously top-of-mind for the folks planning on attending as well as the event promoters. I think one of the coolest things they’re doing is volunteering to donate all of their profits to help clean up the coast. It’s clear that the effort and donated money will be necessary in the months and years ahead.

This all looks to be shaping up to a good weekend for this inaugural festival, all things considered, so join us this weekend on Couch Tour while we watch for the highlights.