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when the rumor comes to your town,
It grows and grows, where it started no one knows”
The Band

Hey, I’m new here. I don’t want to be the guy spreading a rumor that turns out to be nothing more than a white lie disguised as underground murmur. And growing up on Lawn Gisland, I’ve tried my whole life to stay out of the Yenta business. But I’m hearing things that need to be shared, regardless of whether they turn out to be true or not. After all, we’re a freakin’ blog, we’re not Newsweek. Oh, right.

In the coming weeks, we’ll find out if the will indeed take place on weekend in the puritan, dry town of , Nevada.

From what I’ve heard, the following acts are rumored to involved: Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, moe., The String Cheese Incident, The Black Crowes, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Trey Anastasio, Umphrey’s McGee, Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh and Friends, Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke, The John Mayer Trio, Gov’t Mule, The Allman Brothers Band, 311, Keller Williams and many more.

The same unconfirmed report indicates there will be some interesting collaborations at around the city: Matthews Band and may share a bill at the Thomas & Mack; Umphrey’s McGee, , and others at the Garden Arena; and at the Thomas & Mack on the final night.

Look, if this turns out to be bogus, you can hunt me down and form-tackle me. It’s not like I’m an intrepid reporter looking for a scoop, this came from a message board where people openly suggest Page McConnell has Parkinson’s. I did, however, want to give everyone a to pop a semi in their pants this morning.

I don’t want to get all Bill Walton on everyone, but this could potentially be the greatest weekend of your life.

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