guest writers on the way

claypool.gifNow listening: Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains (C2B3) – Elephant Ghost

Can I just say that this is one amazing dub / reggae / down-tempo groove. Do yourself a favor, click on the streaming link above, and get this album. Les Claypool gets better every album/project.

Here at the live music blog, we’re going to start welcoming some guest bloggers to get some more post activity. I’d also like to get some discussion going here, so I’ll start this week off with a slightly controversial post. Also, I’m looking to get rid of the TrackBack feature for quite a while. I’m learning that it’s really only good for spammers right now. I’m going to try and reduce my server load and rely on intuitive TrackBacks. What’s more, bloggers and heads are not fully co-mingled yet, so there really aren’t an insane amount of people that are blogging about what I’m blogging about and vice versa.

Please welcome our new bloggers with open arms. I’m psyched.