Green Apple Music Festival Announced for Earth Day 2006 in New York City

We got another comment on the Green Apple Music Festival the other day that I plugged here; basically, there are some strong rumors pointing at the potential for some seriously great bands signing on to play this festival…

For all the blogging I do about music and music festivals, you’d think I’d have the decency to write about some of the more social aspects of music festivals–community gathering, promoting environmental and social awareness, international policy issues, vegan culture, etc. etc.

Naw, it’s all about the crunchy grooves for me. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions now; start writing about the other side of the music festivals and the live music experience.

It is with that lead-in that I have some new info on the Green Apple Music and Arts Festival, the major Earth Day celebration in New York City. While some of it may be a repeat of prior info, this post is about “social” issues. So yeah…

Beginning April 20 with the 2006 Jammys and ending April 23 after hosting multiple bands at multiple venues and a film festival and environmental awareness and visibility and multiple cities in the future–this is shaping up to be one very cool-sounding event. [edit: Yes, I know that is a run-on sentence.]


6th Annual Jammys To Kick Off Inaugural Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

Frank Zappa To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Four-Day Event To Be Held April 20th-23rd Throughout New York City


Over 25 of New York’s premiere music venues are coming together to host the inaugural Green Apple Music & Arts Festival, the biggest Earth Day celebration in the United States, to he held throughout New York City April 20th to April 23rd. Produced by Peter Shapiro and Relix Magazine, The Green Apple Music & Arts Festival will happen in conjunction with Earth Day New York, a nonprofit organization.

The Sixth Annual Jammys award show and all-star concert will kick off the four-day music and film festival on Thursday, April 20th at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Over the following three days, New York’s top music rooms, including Carnegie Hall, Irving Plaza, The Blue Note, B.B. King’s, Nokia Theater, The Bitter End, The Bowery Ballroom and The Knitting Factory, will host renowned artists spanning the musical spectrum from rock and blues to folk and world music.

Critically acclaimed for creating once-in-a-lifetime collaborations between the likes of Sinead O’Connor and Burning Spear, John Mayer and Buddy Guy and Travis Tritt with the Disco Biscuits, this year’s installment of the lauded Jammys will feature an all-star tribute to music pioneer Frank Zappa, who will be posthumously presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The participants of the Zappa tribute, as well as the full artist line-up, will be revealed in the weeks to come.

Dedicated to educating and engaging the public, this year’s EarthFair will be held outside of Grand Central Terminal on Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, and will feature family entertainment and free musical performances. Earth Day New York has promoted environmental awareness and solutions since 1989.

The Green Apple Film Festival will be held Sunday, April 23rd at the American Museum of Natural History and will be presented in partnership with RES Media Group. An additional series of children’s events will also be held at various venues.

“The Green Apple Music & Arts Festival was created to raise the visibility and awareness of Earth Day,” said Peter Shapiro, co-producer and former owner of the Wetlands Preserve, the celebrated, environmentally-themed downtown music venue. “What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to bring it to every major music venue in New York City?”

At each show under the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival umbrella, concert attendees will receive information on a variety of environmental issues and causes. It’s a concept that Shapiro and Relix hope to bring to multiple cities in years to come.

“We want to spread awareness to people who aren’t already environmental experts,” says Relix president and publisher Steven Bernstein. “We want to make them aware of what they can do in their daily routine that will make a difference to the environment.”

Film festival? Multiple cities in the future? I’m there.

Also, I’d say this post is about 51% “social” and 49% “music” in this post, so I think I’m alright here.