Grateful Dead has announced their new line of ukuleles created with the spirit of the Dead in mind and with artwork that Deadheads would love. They did their first ukulele series last year, so they’re expanding and once again working with the same constraints but with new designs for five different pieces.

One of the truly fascinating aspects of the Grateful Dead is how much they evolved over the years, both sonically and visually. From the early minimalist logos of Owsley Stanley, like the Steal Your Face logo and Dancing Bears, to the detailed conceptual story-telling of Tim Truman and Tim McDonagh, the Grateful Dead artwork never crystalized, but was in a perpetual state of imaginative transformation which continues to this day.

For the knowledgeable among us, the instruments are presented on sitka spruce tops to “not only look great, but offer a spectacular playing experience as well.”

Grateful Dead Ukuleles [www]

The Limited Edition Grateful Dead Ukuleles | Alvarez Guitars