Grateful Dead Releases “St. Stephen” from Closing of Winterland NYE [WATCH]

The Grateful Dead team just uploaded a new crispy copy of the “St. Stephen” that appeared during the Closing Of Winterland run. Watch it here.

Here’s what David Lemieux has to say about the release:

“In and out of the repertoire it goes…St. Stephen was around for a long time, but not always around. It was played consistently 1968-1971, then gone until its return in 1976, when it was played quite a bit through 1976 and 1977, into early 1978. It then returned for three versions twice, 12/30/78 to 1/10/79, and from 10/11/83 to 10/31/83, after which it was never heard live again. This is from the magnificent Closing Of Winterland show.”