Grateful Dead Release “Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance” Video from Halloween ’80

Watch the new video that Grateful Dead released on today their YouTube channel as part of their All the Years Live series, a Halloween night throwback to “Lost Sailor/Saint Of Circumstance” from New York City.

Fitting given that the Dead & Company gang are back in New York tonight for a show at Madison Square Garden, today is a great throwback clip for sure.

Here’s what the band archivist David Lemieux had to say about it.

“If you were seeing a lot of shows 1979-1982, you likely saw this Weir-Barlow combination plenty of times. This terrific rendition was a highlight of the Dead Ahead home video, the Dead’s first foray into creating a video specifically for the home viewer (as opposed to the Grateful Dead Movie in 1977, which was a theatrical project). In 1986, the Dead dropped Lost Sailor from the setlist, leaving its partner to appear sporadically in second sets for the next decade.”

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