tamara keith corrects her grateful dead gaffe

You may have been on Twitter recently and seen this hilariously poor analogy floating around in the world of the Deadheads and their Twitter circles. Well we finally have a resolution on this and y’all can finally sleep at night. Phew.

When Tamara Keith went on television and hilariously compared Trump rallies to a Grateful Dead concert, well, let’s just say that wasn’t the only reason why some fans came after her and asked for a clarification in what the hell she was talking about.

And there will be tailgating, because Trump rallies are in some ways like going to see the Grateful Dead. You get to hear the songs you want to hear. And he always plays the greatest hits, if you will.

Okay, so we’re somewhat fine with the tailgating analogy, but this “always plays the greatest hits” line just had people LOL-ing like crazy over on the Dead boards.

Well Keith had taken her fair share of backlash, and on last night’s NPR Politics podcast, Tamara Keith hilarious responded to the backlash she faced after making a horrible analogy about Grateful Dead on a politics show. Her cohorts back her up after she eats her hat a bit.

She truly goes full mea culpa on that and admits that she’s never seen the Grateful Dead, and truly really knows nothing about them, but that just by making some analogy in a passing reference, that it can truly spurn some nasty feedback unless you know what you’re getting into.

Stay in your lane, Tamara! If you want to use an analogy that will get you friendlier fans, just do what Katy Turr has been doing and bait the Phish fans. Oh, and please don’t compare any part of the legacy of the Grateful Dead to our current sitting President. :)