The brilliant documentary of the Grateful Dead, Long Strange Trip, is finally moving off Amazon Prime video and is set to be released on DVD right before this year’s Holiday Season.

30 years. 2,300+ concerts. 12 members. 1 Long Strange Trip. Martin Scorsese’s Grammy-nominated doc LONG STRANGE TRIP: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on November 9! A limited deluxe edition features over two hours of bonus content and is available exclusively on Pre-order your copy here.

Personally I loved the documentary and watched it more than once so glad to see more fans will finally get access to it in a format they’d want it in.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

Long Strange Trip Trailer

'Long Strange Trip' Official Trailer (2017) | Grateful Dead Documentary

Here is more info from the press release on the double-DVD package.

The greatest story ever told is coming to DVD and Blu-ray!

LONG STRANGE TRIP: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD will be available on November 9 as a double-DVD and single Blu-ray. The DELUXE EDITION will be available the same day exclusively from on three DVDs and two Blu-rays.

Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev (“Happy Valley,” “The Tillman Story”) with Martin Scorsese serving as executive producer, LONG STRANGE TRIP brings together never-before-seen performance footage, vintage interviews, and other candid moments unearthed from the Grateful Dead’s vast vaults. The film also includes newly captured conversations with Mickey, Bill, Phil, and Bob, as well as many other characters and pranksters from the Dead universe.

All versions include the original documentary in stereo, as well as a new 5.1 surround mix. They also feature a new commentary track with director Bar-Lev and editor John Walter. The DELUXE EDITION boosts an additional one hour and 45 minutes of quality footage – a previously unreleased, six-song live performance from the band’s first show overseas, recorded on May 24, 1970 in England at the Hollywood Festival, along with backstage footage from the band’s first trip over the pond. It also features two live performances from 1989 (“Dear Mr. Fantasy” and “Death Don’t Have No Mercy”). Snippets of all the bonus content were used in the film, but this marks the first time they will be released in their entirety.

“Around 2003, while winding through the 16mm film outtakes for The Grateful Dead Movie in preparation for its DVD release, I came across a couple of unlabeled cans of 16mm film. I loaded the first reel onto the Steenbeck film viewing/editing table and was amazed by what I saw. Not only rare, exceptional quality material from the performance at the Hollywood Festival, but loads of other terrific footage, showing the band at a Warner Bros. Records party in London (Pigpen surrounded by suits!), at a photo shoot (‘that’s one uncooperative bunch of musicians!’), at a rehearsal hall performing ‘Candyman’ vocal harmonies and, most exciting of all, backstage at the festival. This is truly some of the most remarkable, candid, and interesting footage in existence of the Grateful Dead and we’re thrilled to be releasing the entirety of this wonderful historical document.” – David Lemieux