Thank you to all of the Deadheads for support that you have shown for the shows in ! This morning you broke ’s on-sale record when nearly half a million of you queued up to buy . If you do not have , know that we are working on various ways to help everyone experience these shows in a way that will help you share this special moment us. Stay tuned, and thank you for showing your love, we feel it!

FARE THEE SORRY. As expected, The ’s Fare Thee Well event in over the weekend sold out quickly, most being completely shut out of Ticketmaster’s online system. All three nights (180,000+ ) went fast, with some lucky scoring after waiting 45 minutes “in line.” If you weren’t in the queue by 10:05 CST you were probably already putting a social media finger in the hoping for a miracle. The thousand-dollar-plus VIP packages sold out instantly on Friday as well, solidifying this event’s stature as the toughest ticket of the summer. It’s already a scalper’s paradise in the aftermarket with listing some tickets at $1500 each. Forbes has a breakdown of the current ticket market and Mashable quotes a agent saying this is the biggest event he’s seen in nine years of working for the company:

“The is always going to be bigger than anything. But this is definitely the biggest concert. By far. By far.”

Social media was abuzz during the entire process with positive reactions from the lucky ones and mostly negative (and humorous) reactions from the unlucky fans. It will be interesting to see what and his production team do to open this event up to the masses. A broadcast of some sort is certainly being scheduled, but it seems like most fans are in favor of a webcast, not just exclusive viewings at select theaters and Shapiro’s . We’ll keep you updated!


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