The Grateful Dead have released their new Dave’s Picks Volume 33 for pre-order, the show from October 29, 1977 at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois. There’s only a small run of 22,000 copies released as HDCD, so head here to grab your copy before it goes missing.

There’s also a crispy download of the 27 minutes of “Jack Straw > Ramble On Rose > Let It Grow” segment on that page, so hurry over and grab it while it’s still up.

Here’s what Dave had to say in the announcement, and scroll down for his seaside chat about the show release as well.

Just like the singular Cornell, just like the one later called Sunshine Daydream, just like hallowed Hampton, DeKalb stands legend on its own as one of the most sensational performances the Grateful Dead ever did do. Early tape-trading circles earmarked the show as upper-echelon and when you have a listen, we’re sure you’ll be inclined to agree. The original reel-to-reel recordings have been shined and polished to perfection, showcasing mighty fine fret work, sparkling keys, and unparalleled harmonies. In fact, we can hardly pick favorites – from start to finish, there’s just too much good stuff!

Grateful Dead - Seaside Chat: Dave’s Picks Volume 33