Grateful Dead Biopic In The Works

Home Before Daylight

According to the Rock n’ Roll Daily blog over at Rolling Stone, the upcoming movie based upon Grateful Dead roadie Steve Parish’s book, Home Before Daylight, is starting to take shape.  Though first announced in summer 2007, Rock Daily reports that the movie has some potential actors on board as well as a preliminary soundtrack:

The Grateful Dead biopic adapted from Home Before Daylight already has a shortlist of hot directors including Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Jonathan Demme and Larry Charles. “Those are the guys that would really knock it out of the park,” producer Stephen Emery tells Rock Daily.

Several musicians, including Jefferson AirplaneNeil Young and Bob Dylan, have already signed on for the soundtrack, with guitarist Bob Weir as the music director. “I’m very proud to have Bob on board,” says Emery. “He wants to write new stuff for the film, too.”

While I read Phil Lesh’s Searching For The Sound, I haven’t had a chance to plug through Home Before Daylight.  Anybody think it’s a good adaptation for the screen?  I’m wondering how they’re going to integrate the live Dead experience into the movie in a realistic fashion, and how much this movie is going to focus on Jerry’s health/drug problems through the 80’s and into the 90’s.  It should make for an interesting piece; let’s hope they treat it with the respect it deserves.