The team supporting the Grateful Dead continues to find ways to keep innovating within the current technology world, something they always took great pride in, and today that furthers with an announcement video from archivist David Lemieux detailing a bit of an upgrade to their YouTube channel and a release of the first video from their new ‘All The Years Live’ series.

You can watch the intro video below.

Grateful Dead - David Lemieux Introduces 'All The Years Live'

The band will be digging into the vault and will start releasing digital version of the DVD’s or concert videos that the band had shot throughout the years, including tons of unreleased stuff or video streams from the concerts that were happening live but were never released. Really exciting to hear.

For the official “new” kickoff, they’ve put out the infamous “Morning Dew” live from Winterland 10/18/74 which is a fan favorite.

Check it out below.