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Google Music Search Released

From the Google Blog…

you can search for a popular artist name, like or the , and often will show some information about that artist, like art, reviews, and links to stores where you can download the track or buy a CD via a link at the top of your web search results page.


This is pretty cool, actually. Mr. BurningOak discovered this before the official announcement so I had the headsup, but I’ll definitely be turning to this more often instead of .com. It should be in every blogger’s toolbox from now and forever.

Written by Justin Ward

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  1. It was so weird, I was looking up some info for a post this morning and it popped up, so naturally I spent a half hour investigating instead of studying for an 8am final…. which I most definitely failed. I hate math. But I love music. And now it’s easier to find, yay google.

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