George Porter Jr. Shares Heart-Breaking Note Regarding His Wife’s Passing

George Porter Jr. has been quietly suffering and soldiering on after the passing of his wife, Ara. Today he shared a really heart-breaking note on Facebook regarding how he’s doing.

Where am I today ?

I’ve been very quiet since Ara passed away not because I wanted to but because I needed to I am still not sure what or how I am suppose to be right now. I am just taking it one day at a time. Katrina and Ciara alone with the hundreds of messages and texts I have received has keep me from being alone not stopped me from feeling alone. With Jam Cruise in a few days I though I should answer the big question now (how are you feeling ?) damn I really wish I had a answer for that I don’t, as I told Ananda this morning, I am missing some one that was my life and I am still trying to make sense of the lost, I am happy she is no longer sick and in pain and with those love ones that went before her and my mother and brother that she loved very much, but she left me with some crazy people that only she could keep me centered now I will have to worry about my edges. I know that my friends are keeping a close eye on me and that makes me feel safe. I know that she was not a face book person but she knew almost all of you. We all lost a wonderful beautiful soul, and Ara loved us all.

Thanks for the love you all have shared with my family and I.

Go over to his Facebook page and drop him some love today, he needs to hear from his loyals.